Simplified and Cost Effective Accounting Solution for Trucking Companies

We provide comprehensive accounting solutions for owner operators and small carriers across US. We understand the unique challenges trucking companies face and we are here to help our carriers navigate through these challenges with our simplified accounting solution that fits your budget.

We offer the following Accounting services to Trucking Companies

Trucking Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping and Financial Statement Preparation

We offer a comprehensive plan that includes managing all aspects of your bookeeping and financial preparation. This includes accounts receivables, accounts payables and payroll. We can prepare and provide detailed financial statements at any time needed. Our simplified and clear financial statement presentation tailored for trucking companies will offer you a clear picture of your financial standing at any given time.

Trucking Company Accounting

Budgeting and Forecasting

We do work with carriers and offer plans to develop budget and forecast statements for their business, to help them manage their cash flow better. The budget and forecast model we have developed internally specific for trucking companies can help carriers plan their expense for the entire year in advance. We incorporate all probable expense for the entire year including insurance, license, permits and estimated maintenance cost in the budget to help carriers identify how much they need to gross to achieve a healthy return at the end of the year.

CPA Trucking

Tax Planning and Preparation

We keep up to date with tax laws relevant to the trucking industry. We offer guide and resources on the latest tax laws and reguations to help our carrier stay in compliance and make the right decisions to maximise their tax savings. We also offer free taxation tips for owner operators and small carriers in our Trucking 101 channel in Youtube and @gli_truck_dispatch account in Tik Tok.

Business Consulting and Audit Preparation

We also offer valuable business consulting specifically for trucking companies by benchmarking their financial performance to the performance of other trucking companies in the industry on a national basis and do offer solutions to help you improve your bottom line and succeed in this competitive yet rewarding trucking industry. Our team can also help you prepare for an audit, if you need your financial statements audited and signed off by a CPA to meet your bank requirements.

Simplified Accounting Solution for Owner Operators

Accounting for Trucking Business

Snap a Picture of your receipt or document

Truck Accounting Software

Text or Upload your receipts and statements

We do the rest: Recording and organizing your records

Quickbooks for Trucking

We prepare and issue the Financial Statements

” To run and succeed in trucking your must first know your numbers and know exactly what is needed for you to achieve your goals. “

” Know your average revenue and cost per mile and compare your performance to the industry average. “

Trucking Accounting Service - Resource and Guides

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