We offer a range of Trucking Compliance Consulting services to help carriers improve their safety standards and stay in compliance with DOT and FMCSA requirements

Dot Compliance Service

Trucking Compliance Policy Guide

We help carriers develop their very own safety and compliance policy document to cover all aspects of FMCSA regulations relevant to their operation. The policy and guide will cover, Driver Files, Hours of Services Records, Maintenance, Drug and Alcohol policy and all other aspects related to the carrier’s business activity.

DOT Audit

DOT Mock Audit

We offer DOT Mock Audit Service to ascertain your company’s level of compliance with FMCSA requirements. The goal of the mock audit is to ascertain if your company has the necessary policies and controls in manage to its safety program. The mock audit will cover all aspects of your carriers’ operation including but not limited to review of ELD records, Driver Files, Maintenance file, and compliance with FMCSA Drug and Alcohol policy requirements.

Taking the proactive step of seeking a mock audit can help carrier identify if its existing processes and controls are operating effectively to ensure full compliance with FMCSA laws and regulations at all times and not only during or prior to the audit.

DataQ Appeals

We offer assistance in filling and facilitating DataQ appeal for tickets carriers do like to dispute if they believe the ticket was issued by mistake and should be removed from their SMS profile. We also offer assistance for carriers to remove non-preventable crashes from their SMS profile if the circumstances pertaining to the crash meets FMCSA definition of a non-preventable crash.

Trucking Compliance

ELD Record Audit and Review

Despite ELD implemetation, many carriers do fail to meet all requirements of the Hours of Service Regulation. It is the carrier responsibility to ensure its has the right processes and controls in place to monitor its Hours of Service Compliance and this includes having a process in place to review and monitor the following:

  • Review and Monitor ELD Violations
  • Review Unassigned Miles Report
  • Review Odometer Jump Report
  • Review of compliance with carrier’s Personal Conveyance Policy

We do offer monthly ELD audit service to help carriers monitor and review it’s drivers’ compliance with all aspects of Hours of Service rules and regulation.

Compliance Document Management

We do offer assistance in helping carriers’ manage their record keeping and annual fillings as detailed below:

  • Equipment Files
  • MCS 150/UCR/MCS 90
  • Form 2290
  • Driver Files
  • IFTA
  • Permits

Safety & Compliance Processes Every Trucking Company Must Have

DOT compliance for trucking companies

Learn and Understand all Rules and Laws Applicable to Your Operation

Implement the necessary policy, process and controls to ensure full compliance

fmcsa safety audit

Review and monitor safety compliance performance through internal review and audits

safety dot compliance

Take corrective action where needed and continue to improvised your safety program

” Its always better to prepare and prevent rather than repair & repent “

” Good safety record will not only save you insurance premiums but will strengthen your company’s reputation “

” Bad safety record will instead give you sleepless nights and will likely triple your monthly insurance premiums “

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